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similan diving


  • 08.12.10 ~ trip ends
  • 07.12.10 ~ pim-krb-kutvlucht-peninsulabkk-lumpini-supperclub
  • 02.12.10 ~ pkt-phi-lanta-pvpimalai

brooklyn bridge walk manhattan view


  • 30.11.11 ~ similan koh bon, manta rocks, good liveaboard life
  • 29.11.11 ~ at the similans...pretty much offffffffffffffffffff
  • 28.11.11 ~ boarding the colona liveaboard, lots of diving and fun ahead of us.
  • 27.11.11 ~ twinpalms
  • 25.11.11 ~ catch beachclub
  • 24.11.11 ~ uneventful flight to the coast...
  • 23.11.11 ~ seen one temple, 4faced erawan. lanny gone back to surabaya and eefje arrived. tower club at Lebua state tower, room on 51st floor, room with a view....honmono again and sirocco sky bar
  • 20.11.11 ~ lanny here, sooo good! dinner at high floored pier 59, slightly overrated, however Vertigo quite stunning. mai thai & singapore sling at river terrace mandarin oriental. kretek intoxication in the room haha
  • 19.11.10 ~ chao praya river view from my bed, ate at honmono, yammie otoro & chutoro, melting on the tongue. walked around patpong, late massage and snooze
  • 18.11.10 ~ smoking at klm lounge, no g&t yet. soon off to bkk via cdg
  • 14.11.10 ~ walk again, burrata at eataly and mezza at Ilily, flight again. great weekend
  • 13.11.10 ~ slow saturday walked for hours, think i did over a 100 blocks and the avenues too, very early sleep
  • 12.11.10 ~ jitney into the city...brooklyn bridge at sunset and some serious nightlife; bondstreet lounge, Rose bar and provocateur, pffffff
  • 11.11.10 ~ Sag harbor with elena and kojima :-)
  • 06.11.10 ~ back to the empire state of mind next weekend...ahhhh there's nothing you cant do... www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYmmh9zkpQM most people like it long & strong, so far i however seem to settle with short & strong
  • 04.11.10 ~ happy birthday dearest b...
  • 02.11.10 ~ back into the rhythm

special morning in seoul by michel


  • 30.10.10 ~ managed an upgrade, plenty of miles so upstairs that blue boeing 747, 78k becoming my preferred seat if 77kk not available....over eleven hours back to amsterdam...worth it, oh yes. smooth pick up and home sweet home mmmmm
  • 29.10.10 ~ Seoul was wonderful with my two rafikis...loved every second of these 4 days, great crispy cold weather with brightblue skies, heavenly bed and all the rest....best restaurant in seoul, best company..best view... i'll stop.
  • 24.10.10 ~ Kesho Korea...
  • 23.10.10 ~ two more nights in shanghai
  • 20.10.10 ~ smiling sexy shanghai, 2 great evenings in a row. from peace hotel to shangri la..good food and faultless dom perignon. tomorrow the expo2010...guess which pavillion i am going to visit?? gnx 
  • 18.10.10 ~ ahhh had a complete clarins bliss of the body today, a grainy exfoliation treatment, a special laying down soft oil shower, cocooned in a warm bodywrap and a massage, followed by a body firming treatment...3 hours of total flotation...mmmm
  • 17.10.10 ~ China is smiling again...
  • 16.10.10 ~ hairy crab night, what a tease what a please
  • 15.10.10 ~ Beijing state of mind
  • 14.10.10 ~ cbd beijing getting better every year
  • 04.10.10 ~ received the chinese visa today, my passport has no empty page left. except of stamps i count 6 chinese visas, 7 kenyan visas and 1 russian visa...