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Elena Lusenti
  • 31.01.10 ~ the vdw'tjes & vd'tjes together again...niceeeeeee xxxxx
  • 26.01.10 ~ need a nica shot....ahora mismo.. cris ya llego a madrid...mas cercita..quiero estar con vos y luis., ya es tiempo de estar juntos, tssssssssssssssssss www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq4ychrRkQA
  • 25.01.10 ~ Elena, have to swap the fireworks image for this incredible picture of you, baby this is the best...aaaahhhh, looove it. about time we do something together again so tell me about the projects, i dare you
  • 24.01.10 ~ te queremos muchisimo...siempre vas a estar en nuestro corazon, nos vas hacer falta...Dios le regalo una muerte serena a como vivio sus ultimos aņos. Se desperto temprano por la maņanita, abrio la puerta de su casa y echo su ultima mirada a la calle de su querido Masatepe...descanse en paz
  • 23.01.10 ~ me duele la cabeza...que me tomo?
  • 21.01.10 ~ me want to ski
  • 20.01.10 ~ www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSKm8MXTj_g
  • 19.01.10 ~ good occassions call for good champagne, disfrute tu viajesita amiguita.
  • 17.01.10 ~ Sejal; not sure stop drinking will stop us from getting fatter & start getting richer... Champagne has less calories but we'll end up poor :-) do still have some bottles of Versus left here...wish i could share them with you ...X
  • 14.01.10 ~ quite a nice video, eye to eye with a martial eagle, like the pretty bee-eaters and running ostrich too...the 2nd fastest land animal on this planet www.youtube.com/watch?v=fntl0mK3fzY
  • 11.01.10 ~ Adrianaaa.....donde te perdistes, loca llamame YA! Solamente por tu pinche finca pasas, ni mas, ni nada...Avisame when Mana has a concert in Miami para que nos vayamos. aqui te pongo una canzion que me encanta de Soda Estereo, cuando pasa el temblor...... te beso en el temblor ohlalala ;-)   www.youtube.com/watch?v=9--0OdPxi5w&feature=related 
  • 09.01.10 ~ Whatever works....
  • 08.01.10 ~ my favourite and best slalom skier in the world, the heavy, arrogant and emotional Tomba... www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxHLFGiOOKM&feature=related watch the end... and another one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0emDNx8kaNM&NR=1 to remember the turns he made, his skis tight together, damn smooth. the curve at 0.18 seconds....ohhhhh smooth... and the nearly fall at 1.35 sec
  • 07.01.10 ~ Gracias dushi for a lovely dinner / drinks...me like this winter weather, bloody cold, clear, more snow expected and daytime increasing bit by bit...and a good fire going on. lady writer; while driving home just now i was remembering the moment you were singing that Cher song in the office......wasnt even that long ago :-) ....please come and stay with me next wk, besito
  • 06.01.10 ~ lousy night sleep
  • 05.01.10 ~ Mambo Kings; hearts filled with passion www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OK1u2KwsbE&feature=PlayList&p=E8CA5CB31E59CABE&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=48
  • 04.01.10 ~ When are we going to see you, Alejandra?!?! ...and then i become weak, I wanted to do less Kenya this year but so tempting...and Alex' new Maswa camp in the serengeti must be wonderful.. http://seriancamp-masaimara.blogspot.com/ Happy new year there....you saw the blue moon -better than any fireworks i assume....please come and be my guest in April, Karibu
  • 02.01.10 ~ whereas it took us 6,5 hours to get there-  11,5 to return...was soooo worth it. Adri..tomando tu botella, me haces falta
  • 01.01.10 ~ fairly early rise, skied the weisse ring...fresh snow-empty slopes, sunshine and a jaegemeister shot here and there. tonight raclette before heading to Zurs for the Michael Jackson fireworks, gonna be cool. As for the new year i think every day can be new year's day... hope everyone has had a good time. Best wishes to the ones i think of, love and miss...from Moscow to Mombasa- Niquinohmo to New York-Netherlands to Nairobi, Masatepe to Mexico-Shanghai to Seoul, Mara to Miami.... can say for i had a picture perfect evening, together with B outside at Pfefferkorns icebar drinking champagne, fireworks and the Austrian walz at midnight...i want it this way every year, nothing more, nothing less. Nothing changes on new years day.
  • 31.12.09 ~ its 6pm & having a little snoozette...we're a little woozy after a mild snowy day, a lot of gluhwein and schnapps...danced on my skiboots in the snow on Falcos Ammadeus, ahhh i love this feeling on the last day of the year