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  • 30.12.09 ~ Off to Lech tonight...found a room this morning so i'll be skiing tmr... ahhhhh
  • 29.12.09 ~ still no availability....is getting a little kali. texmex: ...tus cosechas will wither any moment, i guess thats a good thing.
  • 28.12.09 ~ For the past 4 nights i been rolling to bed like a stuffed rolled roast.....anyway, just got back from France, dank allemaal, kus Wieg en Gilles, was erg gezellig....
  • 21.12.09 ~ ready to leave at 9pm i find my car stuck in the snow which took some work going back and forth to get out of home...i was driving on the deserted white roads again. Where the tropics meet the ice...bbq-ing in the snow playing latin american music :-)
  • 20.12.09 ~ Just got home...i kid you not but for what i can remember i havent seen these amounts of snow here, crazy and cool. took some nice pictures. All i did this weekend was "haardhangen"  with my cousins in M'gestel, actually we did go for a snowdrive this morning and bought gluhwein ingredients that Gilles nicely prepared...but i had to drive back to Belgium...on a dirt road near the border a woman was cross country skiing..uhhhhh... in the turn it was that i slightly spinned and she got scared and fell over :-)) i did apologise -she laughed
  • 18.12.09 ~ Selecting EASR pictures, hopefully uploading some by the end of the day. its 2pm and i am nearly halfway...
  • 17.12.09 ~ Winter wonderland at my place. Sooooo beautiful, entering the gate...then the driveway...from there i could see the nicely lit tree...very warm feeling. Now i think driving in the snow is fun but every year you see it again; 2 or more lane city streets turn into 1 lane because some idiots are trying to speed and slam on brakes, totally unaware of their own cars behaviour. Oh and parking suddenly seems impossible cos the lines have disappeared...now everyone intends to take 2 spots... the silly panick on the first day of snow... i spent nearly an hour and a half in my car driving home listening to Dire Straits and romeo & juliet is still one of my favourite lovesongs...a nice version www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZW-ZbcY1Yc&feature=related Juliet, the dice was loaded from the start.
  • 16.12.09 ~ v=IPyOLw2EcBc&feature=related nice dinner in the church, y las locas me dejaron abandonada....malas..xxxxxx
  • 15.12.09 ~ Adri you have no clou how much i hate it that you are leaving...
  • 13.12.09 ~ La Purisima en Bruselas con las Nicas...no me gustaron las nacatamales...pero las enchiladas estaban deliciosas. Me dieron ganas de comerme tajada con quesito frito..mmmm
  • 12.12.09 ~ Looking for availability ...silvester in voralberg
  • 08.12.09 ~ One of the discs we played non-stop during the rally, Joyful by Ayo...what i am i doing here???
  • 05.12.09 ~ Wiegje..coming to France...for sure, cant stand the xmas lights but the scent oh yes....will be together...no matter. Te veel woorden , te veel zinnen
    Te veel woorden , draaien in me hoofd, Te veel woorden , te veel muren , Te veel uren tikken langzaam weg ,Te veel mensen, draaien er omheen, te veel zinnen, te veel woorden , voor een mens alleen , Mag het licht uit, Mag het licht uit, als ik je in me armen sluit ....Mag het licht uit www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNfq4cRCuK4 Te veel van alles, naar lange lange dag, En zo zie ik ze graag, maar nu is het genoeg, genoeg gezien vandaag
  • 04.12.09 ~ Happy birthday J..kus...zin in vrijdag
  • 03.12.09 ~ Dansen dansen dansen, dansen op de vulkaan
  • 02.12.09 ~ Outside JKI in the cafe showing Ernest my pictures, 2 hours before take-off, Fred calling me their flight is seriously delayed and we wont be able to have a last drink in the lounge together, another 40 rally people supposingly on my KL flight will not make it...my internet USB has served me well during this last weeks...with a double g&t..this update ends here.
  • At Mombasa airport, several rally people waiting for the same plane taking us to JKI, having a black smirnoff ice (not very nice) and looking at the easr website for the latest news on yesterdays finish. It was a sad kwaheri.
  • Very quiet morning on the Indian ocean...our last short dhow trip on little Zawadi with Frederique & Michel...reality started to kick in, after 3 weeks together tonite we fly in opposite directions...f&m to Seoul via Bkk, myself back to AMS. Packed my bags, waiting for lunch to be served now, red snapper with kajumbari of course, then Edith will give me a a quick head&neck massage before heading to the airport.
  • 01.12.09 ~ in bed now, heavenly to be back in the ac, this coastal humidity is horrific, just impossible to get anything done. Today at Nakumatt it actually felt wonderful to open the freezers and feel the cold. Prize-giving party at the Whitesands tonight was fun, towards the end i think we started drinking all there was to grab...
  • Last rally day and therefore last early rise, 5am at Salt Lick lodge, Taita hills...skipped breakfast and packed the car with Daniel instead. At a very unattractive service point now on the motorway 150k from Mombasa, the heat is becoming unbearabe and Daniel decides to open some wine, i am about to faint...
  • 30.11.09 ~ Naivasha to Taita hills, Michel and Nick had a shaky start, broke two rear struts in the first competitive section. First of all one jammed 20 kilometres in and they had to free it but then the other one broke. They managed to drive out and fitted new ones at the service stop. After service it wasn't quite fixed so they had to come back and we found ourselves struggling getting rid of pushy Nairobi kids... The countrykids still have some respect, sad but true...these nbi kids are so rude, you can exactly see their thug instinct already.
  • 29.11.09 ~ Naivasha. Laura and I stayed behind at the lodge, chillaxed by the pool...a quiet lunch, am skyping now from my room at the terrace with two waterbucks in front of me...life is real.
  • 28.11.09 ~ Back to the room, fantastic dinner at Mahmud and Kiki's place...Asante sana to the two of you... Not sure if i feel like getting bounced around in the landrover again tomorrow...might take the day off which is possible since we stay here for 2 nights.
  • Sharing the room with Daniel and Sejal tonite and tomorrow night. Truly enjoyed my shower just now, we had a near death experience on the motorway today but for the rest we are fine. got some ice from the bar and having wine on our terrace, looking forward to a NON-buffet dinner which is finally gonna happen :-) If any proof were needed that Africa was unpredictable, when the rally office team arrived at the lodge in Naivasha, they discovered that it was raining - bit of a contrast to Amboseli who would dearly love to have some - and that all the tapes defining the parc fermé had been ripped out in the night by some wandering giraffes. On the first section a group of Masai set up a service to push out the cars that had got stuck in the riverbed. Since so many cars got stuck, the Masai took the initiative of offering the first push to the highest bidder. What do you call a collection of rally cars stuck in a river bed? A local business opportunity.

  • At Karen (nbi) now refueling after a hectic Nakumatt stop...more food for the kids, more sweets, more wine and a bottle of Gin. Continueing to Naivasha soon, i'm looking forward to sundowners at Lake Naivasha...and Delamere goatcheese that Daniel has been raving about. Never a dull moment in Kenya. The characters i been meeting are undiscribable.
  • Sunrise with a stunning clear Kili view ...driving in opposite direction on the neverending bouncy road we all stayed quiet and just looked back...
  • Amboseli; 430am rise...long long day ahead of us... At the foot of the Kilimanjaro there are elephants in front of the room. The drought is outrageous here, there are carcasses everywhere. Somehow time doesnt exist here..why are we always in time..could have slept for another hour...
  • 28.11.09 ~ Rest day at Amboseli, Ol tukai, great place. The men are all at the service park working on the cars, guess you know what we are doing. Last night hyenas have been chewing at the hydraulic brakepipe of Sejals plane at Amboseli airstrip that had to go for a photoshoot this morning...lol.  
  • 27.11.09 ~ Took off after breakfast with the helicopter at 7am. A dream come true; ten hour flight over Africa from Tanzania back to Kenya cathing up with the rally in action, gliding over incredible varied landscapes; bush-plains-swamps-escarpments, ridges, masailand, dessert-Manyattas and larger towns..pffffffff overwhelming....what a day. Compensated the terrible night in which i was eaten alive by mossies, forget about Malaria.
  • 26.11.09 ~ Through Arusha, Lake Manyara...such landscapes...ahhhh. Accidentally we found a great spot for drinks and lunch. Aslam invited me on the chopper in the afternoon for the ride back to the finish..amazing. This night we had G&t's and Nyama choma and quite a bit of Chardonnay...the rally is on full blast, our team is great. Aslam invited me back on the chopper for a full day so tomorrow I will have an exclusive rally day from above...to Amboseli that will be.
  • 25.11.09 ~ We are in Namanga bordercrossing..where are you? Heading towards Arusha...the plastic wine bags came out of the coolbox before lunchtime making our way to Ngurdoto lodge, the taste was bad but it didnt seem to matter, playing loud music, www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYzrYXRGWkU missing turns here and there....someone wants to visit me in Kenya so i said Karibu. 
  • 24.11.09 ~ 10pm, In bed at Salt Lick lodge, Taita Hills. Michel just realised he left his passport in Mombasa, 300 km from where we are and we are bordercrossing into Tanzania tomorrow morning..:-( Sejal, Fred and Daniel are driving back to Voi with an askari where they are meeting up with a driver to fetch the passport. We expect them back for breakfast...what a nice start of this safari.
  • Official start at the Whitesands at 7am. Mombasa-Mariakani-Voi-Taita hills. The rally consists of 45 cars and a convoy of approx 800 hardcore followers..people from all kinds of origin and background but mainly a bunch of Mzungus,  Muhindis and KC (kenyan cowboys) The supporters follow on an alternative route catching up with the drivers at fine and not so fine service points, sometimes deadly points. Its all about time and rushing from one point to the other...Standing by the road in the unbearable heat. What people here are trying to avoid the whole year we are actually paying for!
  • 23.11.09 ~ Dhow trip on Zawadi with Justin and Laura to Marine park. Rally welcome party at the Whitesands where we attacked the bad appetizer platter and left in the middle of Surinders welcome speech.