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Ngare Serian elephants
  • We are in Namanga, where are you?  
  • 19.11.09 ~ The land of the proud is loving me
  • 18.11.09 ~ Bumpy hot, Mombasa-air ride to the coast
  • 12.11.09 ~ In the lounge with a g&t....and The pride of Africa is awaiting me.....
  • 11.11.09 ~ Lidiane says: Maria Alejandra Nica de las Nieves Atleta ...te lo juro que si no vienes hago de ti chicharon y chorizo...mmmmmm
  • 10.11.09 ~ www.eastafricansafarirally.com/index.htm
  • 07.11.09 ~ Watched Michael Jackson's "This is it" at Metropolis...It's got a story, it's got music, it even has a hero, but it  lacks some soul...did enjoy very much though, especially the dancers. He did show what took to be best..i dont know if he was at his best...kickass show though. For the first time i feel i am gonna miss out on the gala on saturday, now do think w'd have a blast......think of me with a smile then while bubbling the bubbles at the danieli il divino corner whereas i'll be mesmerizing by the fire in the bush and later in my tent listening to the lions and hippos.
  • www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKQSZ7j93SA&feature=related  Dan...glad you like it...i should have joined you to the concert back then in Tel Aviv when you were still a little boy...now you check if they come to Moscow...or halfway....bye my babylove...latin girls nice too and imma bee zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :-) xx
  • 06.11.09 ~ Enjoy the sea and the wind...and perhaps catch an occasional glimpse of africa....gibraltar monkey...:-)
  • 05.11.09 ~ The queen of the house returned home and i am back to princess life...:-) I gained two bottles of Flor de Caņa...and good Nicaraguan food...Adri we have tortillas, frijolitos, quesillo y ..... ohh and the puppies...that you will adore...so you come and share this weekend with me at the stable....we can have a steambath and perhaps grab a movie...do some leaf raking if you like...haha. mom is looking forward to having you here again. I gotta pack for Afreekah...ahhhhhhhh back to civilisation at last.... Lika.. good i am your little inseparable part of me!!!!!!! but u r mine toooooooooo....no doubt.....ani ohevet otach ...always my sweets XXXXX

  • 04.11.09 ~ Happy birthday dear....xxxxxxxx I just found out Mom has been stuck in Panama for more than 24 hours already, her KLM flight got cancelled, about time they replace those good old MD11's. Hopefully she flies out tonight ...
  • Now look at the picture and that tent in the back....cos over the past few weeks they have seen an increasing number of animals coming to the water opposite Ngare Serian and in particular tent 4.."my favourite" therefore stay stay stay...another while
  • 02.11.09 ~ Amiga tuya... :-) www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h8Bx-LbfLw
  • 01.11.09 ~ Our puppies are sooooo cute...i want a swahili name for the one we keep.

masai jumping at start

east afrcian safari rally

Masai jumping