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Room with a view.........xxxx
  • 31.08.09 ~ Do you know the way to St. Tropez...i've been away so long.... ;-)
  • 29.08.09 ~ Dutch delight with gold, silver and bronze...triple Dutch....Hopefully another gold medal tomorrow, Okidoki
  • 27.08.09 ~ Love the beloved ones
  • 26.08.09 ~ www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qdmjQP9aCA circus beu, ga zeker mee naar Langres Gilles...August was quite a waste...maisha marefu or ~ long life.... Finishing the last glass of Versus wine stock.......I say lets call it a day... Shen Dedamotkhnulo !!!!
  • 26.08.09 ~ The best of the rest...
  • Lady writer..tqm .....lady writer! www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNWPNPQxpl8&feature=related
  • 24.08.09 ~ see the Aruba room with a perfect view...
  • 23.08.09 ~ www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvqBTpMEcWA&feature=related Now i know my love for her goes on.........
  • 20.08.09 ~ Back from the island.
  • 06.08.09 ~ On an island in the sun, We’ll be playing and having fun..http://tinyurl.com/mxhj2h :-) KLM secured my upgrade today...32.500 miles taken from my account but upper deck 747, will be chillaxing for 10 hours......i can already imagine myself in the crystal clear water del Caribe..
  • 05.08.09 ~ www.atta.travel/heritage/index.html Somewhere above the Atlantic ocean in 48 hours....Leuke intieme verjaardagsborrel Gilles haha...good you couldnt care less either...dat ik op 5 augustus die vaste component lang mag blijven zijn dan maar :-) Ik iig jouw verjaardag vaker meegemaakt dan andersom...France in september sounds good.
  • 04.08.09 ~ You were not looking for pure Nicas anymore...but import instead....Dutch import riding a black horse in Nicaragua eh? ...15 years ago and so wonderful to have that part of history refreshed today...cos i had forgotten....ahhh, i was a little girl...looking for trouble then...looking for trouble now....thats me, thats you...! Mom would say; you are playing with fire...i'd say; must keep the fire coming to stay warm & alive...La vida es un carnaval
  • 03.08.09 ~ A bit later...11pm...missed my swim looking for my Padi diving license...got it and love the picture...i look young and strong and dangerous there. Had mussels for dinner wit my parents...then took the bicycle over to KoKo's for some after dinner wine & cheese & chat. Mademoiselle Koko supplied me with tomorrows lunch...mmmm. Lekker!  J i hope you see plenty of simba..chui and cheetah including Shakira while i will enjoy my office hours...
  • 02.08.09 ~ Looks like all i write about these days are in and out drinking nights...not good. Can't hide that friday was a another good one...first at the Hendrix horseshow in Kessel...ending up in Brasschaat with Magdeleen & Henk at their place till 5am outdoor with a great fire....as a result i was in bed by 9pm last night watching Amores Perros, enjoyed it. 
  • 01.08.09 ~ I took this shot of Shakira and her cub during my last visit in May...love it