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  • 23.06.09 ~ La vida es un carnaval...www.youtube.com/watch?v=lArGoRhFr4E  Todo aquel que piense que la vida es desigual, tiene que saber que no es asi, que la vida es una hermosura, hay que vivirla. Todo aquel que piense que esta solo y que esta mal, tiene que saber que no es asi, que en la vida no hay nadie solo, siempre hay alguien. Ay, no ha que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval, es mas bello vivir cantando. Oh, oh, oh, Ay, no hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval y las penas se van cantando. Todo aquel que piense que la vida siempre es cruel, tiene que saber que no es asi, que tan solo hay momentos malos, y todo pasa. Todo aquel que piense que esto nunca va a cambiar, tiene que saber que no es asi, que al mal tiempo buena cara, y todo pasa.
  • Basic translation: Everyone out there that thinks that life is unfair, Needs to know that's not the case, Because life is beautiful, you just have to live it. Everyone out there that thinks they're alone and that's bad needs to know that's not the case, because in life no one is alone, there is always someone. Ay, there's no need to cry, because life is a carnival, For life is a carnival............and so is ALEJANDRA'S...
  • 13.06.09  ~ Noche surrealista................
  • 12.06.09 ~ and we had a nice childish dip in the swimming pool
  • 10.06.09 ~ After midnight and just found a sad loveletter dating Valentine's day 1996.....this is perhaps one of the loveliest i ever received....sweet and sincere and probaby you are one that has thought me a lot about so many things in life, ....you know who you are...
  • 09.06.09 ~ Pastora: ahi esta es de mis recuerdos me gusta compartirla con mis amigos ya sos parte del clan ..... 
  • 08.06.09 ~ Back to the office, never a bad thing.......luckily no jetlag feeling at all yet.... www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW9ETMc5qzY  an all/time favourite, never get bored of it.  Otherwise there is a limit for everything.......
  • 07.06.09 ~  Awful flights... Bought some sushi at hartsfield which i ate as soon as i boarded to Amsterdam, a horrible airbus 330, one that only served drinks after 5 hours of heavy turbulence and i was afraid. tears running down my cheeks, scared and sad....i just let go, best way to get it over with... What is it with these returning flights from Nicaragua.....hate them. Remie thanks for the pick-up, always like your company....
  • 06.06.09 ~ Left home at 530 am with driver to airport after emotional farewells....Guisel loca...tu pulsera aqui lo ando...:-) a ritual by now...no sleep just get going.....upgraded from Managua to Atlanta...that was ok, but with no sleep, an excess of Flor de cana and a sad goodbye i was not feeling happy at all. pfffffffffffffff
  • 05.06.09 ~ Its my party tonite...in my town, with my people...nice nice nice...running errants to get drinks, food, music, staff and get everything arranged....not feasible without the help of tia Paqui..
  • 04.06.09 ~ With Guisel i felt many memories coming up....we all had a great time at our lakehouse at Laguna de Apoyo, swimming.. eating..drinking... chatting....oh dear...simplemente me llega al alma. Para ti prima loca... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gpisCAjGNM Tu cariño es una promesa, que me atraviesa, que navega de costa a costa en mi cabeza...te llevo en mi camino...te llevo en mí....te llevo en mi corazón. bella cancion.
  • 31.05.09 ~ Flashing back.......Hipica de Masatepe....crazy day in my town, incredible really...sick as i was, loved every minute of it....Viva Masatepe...Viva el capitan!
  • 30.05.09 ~ Arrived safe and sound in Managua...Lorgia, Jimmy & my grandmom. dinner at el churrasco and a merry surprise arrival party at home, everyone drunk and half of the party left cos it was running late....but who stayed and made my evening; aerolineas Zambranadowning brought in from Costa-Rica.....a lovable friend...pastorcita linda.....te quiero un monton locita
  • 01.06.09 ~ Resuming from May 26th; nice kick-off drinks at the Sheraton at Schiphol, heavenly bed at Citizen claustrophobic M...pretty much excited about the whole thing. From there a Delta flight with a layover in Atlanta to Jacksonville, 3 seats in a row and a loving pillow..., nice flight. From there; love, laughter, drinks and tears....slap in the face, goodbye at the gate leaving to Managua...full stop.