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Nyama Choma, my birthday
  • 25.05.09 ~ Did all my packing....going "home" again...! Viva Nicaragua...Jueputa!!!!!!!!!! skyped/msnt the evening away with family in Nicaragua....excited. While typing now my cousin Valeria tells me another cousin, Guisell is coming down for the Hipica too, arriving on Saturday as well....she lives in the US...we were superclose and havent seen eachother for years....I m telling you Sunday the 31st will be an unforgetable one... riding or not riding...esquina caliente...But now Florida first and lets begin this one with a few g&t's at the Schiphol Sheraton bar....bring it back... Kussszzz
  • 23.05.09 ~ Have added some 30+ Kenya images from my last trip two weeks ago including some of my birthday Nyama Choma (BBQ) in Masai dress, a few game-shots, and some of the "5 of us"...you know who you are...and it was wonderful
  • 21.05.09 ~ For the ones who like to catch a glimpse of my place...scroll down at the mini-updates...there you go. The one actor i used to dislike and now love is Leonardo...how well did he mature... Young hearts run free? From the 70's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9sfnMFJ_XU What's the sense in sharing this one and only life...
    20.05.09 ~ Lidiane...gracias
  • 17.05.09 ~ A Sunday in my stable really is no punishment...Booked my trip to Florida and Nicaragua...At last the Hipica is on after silly swine flu precautions....a horse is arranged whether i use it or not, think the horse will kick me off after a while in 38 degrees drinking rum and dancing on top...pfffffff. Better be all over town on foot and borrow a horse for 5 minutes in front of grandmoms house. Its gonna be a great short-long trip among my family, my friends, lovers and Flor de Caña ....And they'll meet one day far way....Saying "I wish I was something more"....And they'll meet one day....Far away and say " I wish I knew you, I wish I knew you before. L. is it so rock and roll to be alone....? not sure after all. Lala Salama, early rise tomorrow
  • 16.05.09 ~ Theo; yes beach, friends, and good old stories...a little beautiful boy and eclectic music....- was nice having you around again, plezier in Paris and a safe journey back to Calgary...Till the next time...and love to C. Keep my posted on the plans....kiss for my dear vdw's.
  • 15.05.09 ~ My cousin puts it like this: pero todo pasa, y nosotras las Zambranas no padecemos de cavanga, nuestra teoria es que los hombres son como los taxis, que pasan cada 5 minutos...jajaja
  • 14.05.09 ~ Queen of hearts in Kingdom hearts... ;-)
  • 13.05.09 ~ Lidiane….Always welcome and happy to open and share another Chateau-whatever with me….and we will laugh and cry together. te quiero muchisimo
  • 11.05.09 ~ Simba is a survivor....the show will go on i presume..pfffff . My dearest Einstein angel Lidiane describing her thoughts of her life compared to mine in her blog and i love the way she puts it, i realllyyyyyyyy adore it; In the end of my day, when my glass is full of Chateau-Anything, I think of you as you go wild through life. You, owner of your skin, of your heart and your smoke. You, owner of your scent, your cents and your hands. You, lady of lands, laid on no one’s hands, always landing on someone’s land. Your lucky star shines and I am happy for you, your friends, your fridays, your fries, your feasting and your fasting. And I love you to tears. And I zip the glass and cry. Because you will never know that my curtains do not express the freshness of the bushes in Africa; that my ground calefaction does not resemble the sunrise in the Caribbean, and my car cannot ride free as your horses. The goddesses smile to you and look at me with shame and a repulsive pity. Because they know you are the ultimate expression of their power. They know you are protecting and cherishing what should be the most precious thing for every human being. And I am completely sure that if you would request it to the goddesses, they would be more than happy to make your nuptial bed with their favorite sons. You will never know, little sister, how many swords, knifes and pieces of glass have ever been unmercifully stuck in my heart. I lift the glass, and the Chateau is gone. Tomorrow is the day to iron the clothes.
  • 08.05.09 ~ Great to see you again Emma...been two years...damn...get the champagne ready! For the rest i dislike birthdays....most dear ones are far too far away.......
  • 06.05.09 ~ Landed at 5am...drove straight to the office, it was ok after all however couldnt wait to see my pictures, unpack to see the Kenyan goodies, share a glass of wine with my parents. In bed early...Lala Salama
  • 05.05.09 ~ Since Emma had asked me to join her back to Nairobi overland i cancelled Safarilink flight and off we went accompanied with Jonathan. Had yammie samosas in Narok and a good journey back to Nbi.
  • 04.05.09 ~ .........................Mara
  • 03.05.09 ~ .........................Mara
  • 02.05.09 ~ .........................Mara
  • 01.05.09 ~..........................Mara


Queen of hearts' stable

My mini Africa, as seen from the open-kitchen, with my huge desk & pc to the right, my sitting area just behind it and a reading/eating table in the middle, the glass beautiful door at the end leads to my little terrace which now offers view of a mare with foal. Anyway my place has lots of game, lots of eyes...not for everyone...but definitely for me...