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march '09

Financial crisis?? ;-)

With my brother in Utrecht

Shanghai World Financial Center, 101 storeys view of JinMao tower

march '09

  • 31.03.03 ~ Getting ready for a few days of snow and sun....life is what you make it....People seem to believe it is bad luck to say they are lucky - not me. In the end you make your own luck...and a bit of a helping hand is not a bad thing is v=iHvlfqItUuo&feature=related">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHvlfqItUuo&feature=related  In love with my new home, this is close to where i could grow old... dont need more really...better invest in more Africa trips....grapje and ahhh you are eating way too much! ..and i stole another bottle from your winecellar.. ;-) Thanks E. for the beautiful Rajasthani drum
  • 29.03.09 ~ I would prefer to at least like the ones you love.... lieffff :-) Bert...Always in my heart....you will be! x-x-x
  • 27.03.09 ~ . It really was time to say kwaheri...its ok, its ok. My place is a mini Mara, lovely, a beautiful Kudu, Sable antilope, Chui, 2 buffalos and a lot of other game is looking after me ;-) Serian camp video www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIVZArUsdMs
  • 26.03.09 ~ Tears dried on their own...
  • 24.03.09 ~ Hay que vivir el dia y la hora...Hay que gozar la opurtunidad que se presente en el momento.
  • 23.03.09 ~ Alejandra is too honest, as i heard so often before. They smile in your face eh....silly ones. am at Adriana's place having a good chat...good Chrianza too! Gracias amiguita! Your story rocks! A fuego lento...tu o nada..caricias que se parecen mariposas....mariposas que se cuelan por debajo de la ropa...;-)) Thanks parents for giving me a new home, and your support...
  • 22.03.09 ~ Just got back from Tina Turner concert, so nice
  • 21.03.09 ~ Adrianaaaa, que divino la tequila y las tapas flown in from Barca......y que emosion verlos! Tina Turner tonight...
  • 20.03.09 ~ Thank you my top recruiter, my blue faced confidant...enjoy the China World hotel scent...and the memory too. Lika; Yes feel the same...yes one world...and one short life...nobody to blame...and yes i guess it leaves you when you dont care for it! Are the Moscovites turning into spring mode? Cos am sure the Tel Avivians are...;-) Hey i just looked on FB...wtf! are you in TLV?
  • 19.03.09 ~ Back home from two-day Super office course near Utrecht, i basically knew everything already..My brother gave me a tour of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the horse part, i left very impressed.  v=NDNhtRwNoB4&feature=related 
  • 16.03.09 ~ It's such a change, for us to live so independently...Freedom, you see, has got my heart singing so joyfully. Just look about, you owe it to yourself to check it out...Can't you feel a brand new day? The sun is shining just for me...at least thats whant i want to believe... "The only time you lie is when you are afraid" -John Gotti--- Auntie dear Frederique; pick you up....Sawa. will be a nice day...i promise!
  • 14.03.09 ~ pfffffffff....... www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6LVGcIC1Tc
  • 12.03.09 ~ Ronald Reagan quoted one day: Violence has been Nicaragua's most important export to the world.... i was just looking for some Nicaragua images on my hd...and realised once again i lost all my pictures...sad sad sad. la Hipica de Masastepe has been announced for may 31st...will do everything to be there.
  • 10.03.09 ~ Confuse them... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5J7iGI8ZqI&NR=1  Cos what they do? They smile in your face all the time they want to take your place! The back stabbers.
  • 09.03.09 ~ Slept 12 hours...thats what i like about travelling into eastern direction. Awoke, took a long bath and prepared for an afternoon in the office, which resulted in a productive one. Looking back at the pictures and videos, been laughing out loud...Zarrea; Xie Xie...your China specialist..;-)
  • 08.03.09 ~ What a beautiful day back in the Netherlands, sunshine nice. Drove to Belgium straight away to have a few glasses of wine and little food with mom & dad. Back in NL now and Let's just call it a night..Lets call it a day.....i m going to crash in my own bed...no better place i can think of right now. China will be....XIE XIE (= thank you)
  • 07.03.09 Back in my room after a not too hectic full fair day...lovely dinner with Joe, Jacques and alumnus at a www.shintori.com.tw another "so hip it hurts" place with delicious food. Ended my last evening with outdoor mojito's and my blue faced confidant...Peter ;-) at "New Heights" 3 on the Bund. Xing Yun Xing lucky star... = Namunyak infact...! Leaving for Pudong airport in 3,5 hours...lucky again i got a free upgrade, checked in on row 3 on 747-combi. Will China stop smiling at me now?
  • 05.03.09 ~ Kamsa Hamnida! 1st opportunity tonight to talk to papa Michel...from Shanghai to Seoul. x I really need a picture of China here... little China girl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSfndZfKFNU
  • 04.03.09 ~ The train from Beijing was a definite highlight in my life....it started off with the laughter we had leaving Kerry's centre's Centro...China keeps smiling...
  • 02.03.09 ~ Jetlagged and too much energy, whats up with me travelling in western direction, drives me crazy already. Meeting with Cheer this afternoon...Elanta thank you for the hotpot dinner...Z & myself truly enjoyed it. 
  • 01.03.09 ~ Great busy day at the fair....evening programme great too; Hatsune, Centro, Suzie Wong...ended with the band in Centro...good we can sleep in tomorrow...pffff Huairen..?