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Jan-feb '09

Workplace Alex

My workplace....

Chui there keeping any bad eyes away from me....Njema spot i have! Love it

Alex at starbeds, treehouse

Chillaxed at pride rock, Mara

My Masai kidbrother :-)


  • 28.02.09 ~ Succesful fair....alumni drinks and a Chinese after drinks foot massage experience with the Neso buddies....thank you! Sleep
  • 27.02.09 ~ Happy landing in Beijing....got us both a 3-seat empty row...All the others were a stuffed sardine can..i reckon that was a good beginning. Dragonfly massage...Built up the booth..followed by a beautiful Tibetan dinner/dance evening for the Dutch hosted by Neso/Dutch embassy....Sleep
  • 26.02.09 ~ Departing for Beijing in less than an hour....G&T's with Zarrea in KLM louge, flags are hanging at half-mast because of yesterdays crash...Our plane "City of Freetown" is waiting for us...a bloody old 747-400. Looking forward to listen to good music and happy landing tomorrow...
  • 25.02.09 ~ ..Adri your FB wallpost flipped me over...Sooooooooo sweet! And i want you to know i feel the same..te lo juro! my sincere sympathy for TK's victims are there...scares the shit out of me to fly tomorrow...mom got me Xanax and other meds today to chillax ...yes i had a fear of flying from 2000-2004...had my reasons, not joking! Ms. Korea...thats what dad calls Zarrea...look forward to sharing another China trip with you...watermelon martinis...and an awful lot to keep you posted...Lala salama! Boss thanks for approving my trip in May...Nicaragua, Nicaraguita..y la hipica de mi pueblo Masatepe..que felicidad. 
  • 24.02.09 ~ David's sculptures are poa sana. http://davidschaefersculptures.com i really wish to get the buffalo and the elephant. Watched the Wrestler. quote Randy the Ram: In this life you can lose everything you love, everything that loves you... and i will just stick to my own quote: Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option......orgullo Ale.....abuela would say...y lo hago..........x Nicaragua...Nicaraguita....
  • 23.02.09 ~ Good weekend...Have 3 days to go until China....time is really flying by
  • 20.02.09 ~ Damn i just got a facebook msg from a lost, baccarat Indonesian friend....tried to find her for 10 years and now she found me... will not lose you again...promiss...x
  • 19.02.09 ~ Lika maya haroshninka...;-) wonderful 2.5 hour phonecall...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • 18.02.09 ~ Just got home, farewell dinner of two colleagues, had such a good laugh :-)
  • 14.02.09 ~ San Valentin...and really i dont care...landed at 0445am in Ams, upgraded once again...not much drinking, barely any sleep, just listened to music...thinking of the Kenya i love ...cant get enough of it. Olesere .....
  • 13.02.09 ~ Aitong cattle market ...we bought Alejandra and better make sure it will be a tasty roast one day....goodbye to Serian and Mara...a very special place in my heart. Ashee oleng
  • 12.02.09 ~ Rise and shine along the Talek, cant imagine a better spot. Mara Rianda market with Jonathan and family followed by a snoozette at Ngare before a chillaxing game drive and bush-dinner...more drinks at Serian...and a last night in a heavenly bed, Asante Sana!
  • 11.02.09 ~ Somewhat slept in. Left with Jonathan & Jackson into the reserve, 2 brothers, 3 brothers, and at last Shakira with cubs attempting to hunt a tommy...till she gave up. Visited Rekero, nice place, and  searched for the ideal full signal flycamping hippo spot...and yes we found it.. 3 fires to protect us from the hippos and buffalos. 
  • 10.02.09 ~ Woke up at the treehouse...ahhh wow, so fresh...fantastic...walked back to camp...wine with the other nice guests at Ngare...thank you Diana for the crystal tattoos...you were sooo nice...and your children. Last lunch with Fred before dropping her off at Kichwa airstrip. Bisounis Auntie...pretty sad to see you off...we absolutely had 5 fantastic days together...
  • 07.02.09 ~ Fly540 via Nbi to Mara...dropped daima..funny one. So happy to go back to Serian. Gamedriving we found Zawadi up in a tree with a goat, is she becoming acquainted with easy kills?
  • 06.02.09 ~ Snorkeled for a few kilometers along the reef, very healthy coral, lots of colourful fish and a blown up pufferfish. Octupus around my arm...ahhhh.
  • 05.02.09 ~ Had an upgraded KQ flight to Nairobi, nice flat beds unlike the uncomfortable KL ones. Spent the last hour in the cockpit with capt P and M, beautiful sunrise behind Mt. Kenya, fun! Connected & Arrived early in Mombasa where I had 3 wonderful days lounging, sailing, snorkeling, eating fish with salad! 
  • 04.02.09 ~ Good g&t's at Schiphol's Sheraton bar before take-off...aiaiaiaiai...mpenzi wasiri
  • 03.02.09 ~ Restless...Kenya! Auntie Fred...see you at the Bamburi guest house.
  • 01.02.09 ~ Watching Nadal vs Federer...exciting so far. Hopefully February will bring the perfect photo...Nothing compares to Mara.

Huascar que guapo

Hipica de Diriamba 18 Jan 08

Huascar my cousin; i was supposed to be there now and riding the Hipicia with him this day....never mind, my turn will come soon

Alex 31Jan08 Lech, oulala


  • 31.01.09 ~ Smooth tequila ....and Mana! Gracias loca ...que alegre

  • 29.01.09 ~ From Nicargua to Brazil, And every disco we'll get in, our hearts ll be pumping for love, Pumping for love, 'Cause when we'll be thinking of you, And all the things we could do, our hearts 'll be pumping for love! 2010 Lidiane Freitas.vdL, done deal!
  • 29.01.09 ~ Well done Sara and Co. The Mara Predator project rocks. http://marapredatorproject.blogspot.com Cannot wait to see Honey's cubs.
  • 26.01.09 ~ The year of the OX!
  • 23.01.09 ~ Some of the conservation projects i daily follow is the one my friend Laurence manages called living with lions: http://lionguardians.wildlifedirect.org/ . www.wildlifedirect.org has a lot of interesting blogs about conservationism in east Africa and beyond.

    Imagined i was to be leaving for Verbier now; have so many things running through my mind though i almost forgot i have to apply for the bloody Chinese visa asap or i wont be able to make it between Kenya and China! In la Suisse in the 4 vallees it looks like it's going to be snowing and cloudy and with the years i have turned into a good-weather skier so i do not feel so bad about my decision after all. I heard on the phone now that my friends in Masatepe will have a baby in 7 months and if a girl she will be called after me, isn't that sweet. Am receiving emails from Bluenity members that will be on the same flights... inviting me for drinks on board after landing huahuahua. i m telling you this is a KLM/AF dating site even though i have never been a member of those and i am sure KLAf wont like it to be called that but That's what its all about!  Nice scene of a nice movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBHhSVJ_S6A  
  • 21.01.09 ~ Good day at work. Huascar la foto tuyo en la hipica Diriamba en caballo me hico sentir triste de no estar alli. Espero que hay mas hipicas en Abril. I miss Nicaragua's scent! Kenya's is similar but not as deep....hahaha, 15 days and i will be diving the Indian ocean. trying to remember the little Swahili i know. Lika this one's for you! and was facebooked to you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s6g27hsuws&NR=1 and the Karaoke version only: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NzZB5g59Ro oh pfffffff
  • 20.01.09 ~ Today i received an invitation for Bluenity, haha. Bluenity is a community site for travelers on AFKL to enable passengers to interact with one another. You can communicate with and meet people who travel with AF and KLM, at the airport, in the plane or at your destination. Your trip becomes an opportunity to meeting people, the funniest part is that you can add your flights (booking ref) and you get a list with other travellers on the same flight! Well i just tried and it seems to work - this means bye bye privacy. I m not sure and think i'd still prefer the very unoccasional eventful flight experience instead :) While i was watching Slumdog Millionaire just now, It crossed my mind very often and i also mentioned a few times that the story is too familiar to be true so i looked it up and found out why; it's based upon a book i read a few years ago called Q&A by Vikas Swarup!
  • 19.01.09 ~ Booked the China flights for Zarrea and myself plus the hotel in Beijing. Yesterday my parents showed me an article in a Dutch local newspaper that there are plans to build a "starterscastle" at the land and house where i grew up until i was 18 and it will be called 'Van Delftstaete'. The house will be put down unfortunately but the glass in lead round window will be kept and will have a very nice spot upfront. www.brabantsdagblad.nl/regios/tilburg/inboxtilburgstad/4354103/Starterskasteel-voor-Moergestel.ece  with images www.algemeen-belang-oisterwijk.nl/algemeen_belang_bestanden/krant%202009/januari/16-01%20Starterskasteel%20in%20Moergestel.mht
  • 18.01.09 ~ You see i already do not feel like posting anything anymore, the only reason i hold on to madelza.nl is to keep track of my past; when- where - and the rest will automatically come upGoing to watch Tsotsi, sweet dreams. www.imdb.com/title/tt0468565/
  • 17.01.09 ~ Some energy to get this site slowly active again, but knowing myself there will be a few comments and then another break.... Annoyed for a long time about losing that hard disk with the pictures and with a facebook account this site has become unnecessary anyway.
  • 10.01.09 ~ when the cat's away the mice will play...Below 15 degrees, full moon and Adriana and Lidiane with me in Belgium for the weekend
  • 03.01.09 ~ Back from Lech, baridi baridi but plenty of sunshine and snow. A fantastic lunch with too much red wine at Hospiz Alm followed by a very stupid fall and Jaegemeister shots at the silly Crazy Kangaroo apres skihut in Sankt Anton on the final day of 2008 were einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! Must recall that i was hammered oulala as not in a long time before and in bed by 5pm struggling to get up at midnight to see the fireworks. Feliz aņo para todos mi familla y amigos queridos. Mis mejores deseos para todos

Teun & Teun

Hospiz Alm

January 31st 2008, mad Teun & Teun