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Heavenly Mara


  • 07.06.08 ~ www.Serian.net my favourite camp in the Mara...Asante sana Isaac. I hope to come back soon... will never forget the orpul ceremony and bring back pictures to you.
  • 06.06.08 ~ Stayed another night at Saruni, the enormous bed is just to die for and Lemeria is the best spotter. Even though his English is so so, I love driving around with him. Spoke to Isaac at Serian and apparently there are no other guests there...i just heard my father is ill i ve decided to go home earlier.
  • 04.06.08 ~ Saruni Mara...after 2 great days of driving southwards, overnight in Nakuru, today via Naivasha and Narok into the Mara...i love the Mara and am so happy to be back, saw 3 leopards just now on a speedy gamedrive with Lemeria. Thank you Riccardo for having Lemeria as my guide.
  • 02.06.08 ~ Saruni Kalama...my last night as their very first guest!! This lodge rocks....will be back when the pool is finished, too hot :) And yes i saw a chui from my room...Tomorrow i 'll leave early with John and Fran Loveland and Daniel the Rekero guide to Nakuru, cancelled Safarilink flight i'm much better off seeing a bit more of Kenya going by road.
  • 01.06.08 ~ Rhino Charge in Namunyak (my Kenyan nickname). Dust, dust, dust everywhere, and not only dust but thorns in my legs, scratches all over my legs and arms but what a day! And did we have fun...i enjoyed it so much, it was fantastic...good surprise Ric! Grazie. http://rovering.squarespace.com/journal/2008/7/28/rhino-charge-raises-over-shs-63-million.html


Dartbreaker 1 week old



  • 28.05.08 ~ Loving Laikipia and the views from where i m sitting now at Laurence house are wonderful, the sky is partly cloudy but a beautiful sunset and Mount Kenya still visible... spectacular. Last night a great BBQ party here at Laurence place with nice people and delicious meat. Left Fred at the airstrip in Nanyuki today, we had a lot of fun together and will surely miss her. I m off to Kalama the day after tomorrow. It will be an interesting roadtrip up north.
  • 25.05.08 ~ Horseraces this afternoon at the Ngong racecourse, dinner at the Muthaiga country club tonight, tomorrow wake up very early to go horseriding in the forest at the racecourse before flying to Nanyuki at 10.20. Frederique and Michel have been great company and i m very much enjoying myself.
  • 23.05.08 ~ In the lounge at schiphol waiting for the KQ flight to Nairobi. Really excited about another trip to Kenya
  • 21.05.08 ~ I so much dislike packing... especially for a safari trip as i m only allowed so little, so i better start only 1.5 day until departure... Jambo
  • 16.05.08 ~ Here alone on a friday night enjoying reading my favourite newsgroups / forums and chatting with friends that are far away. Sometimes i prefer to spend my time behind the computer with a good glass of red wine instead of going out to a place with people packed up against the wall. Tomorrow i m going to visit a prison in Rotterdam with Esther, i finally (after 4 years) got lucky and will getting a prison tour.
  • 14.05.08 ~ It just seems the nice weather brings the good parties. Since my birthday there has been something everyday...having good fun!
  • 10.05.08 ~ Hipica en Masatepe, oh wish i was there...have fun everybody.
  • 06.05.08 ~ Fantastic weather here, and its going to last for the next 10 days...thursday its my birthday and it looks like i will go to the beach on friday. My grandfather turns 95 today!
  • 01.05.08 ~ Just returned from Amsterdam where my cousin put a new system on my always crashing computer, hopefully it's going to behave normally now cos i seriously feel handicapped without it. Afterwards went to the Finch for some drinks and a light meal to say goodbye to my brother who leaves for Kentucky tomorrow morning. Watch this, brilliant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaBsshIYT2w&feature=related