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Lion cub in Mara


  • 30.04.08 ~ Queens day! Most people in Holland are wearing orange today and partying since last night till tomorrow morning, i usually skip such events. Have off from work until may 6th...and nice weather coming up...mm.
  • 25.04.08 ~ .......have a terrible flu since 3 days which i ve neglected completely since i think that is the best way to overcome it but going to make myself a "grog" now: sugar, lime juice, rum, cinnamon and boiling water...
  • 24.04.08 ~ My dad's birthday yesterday, he was insisting for me to stay overnight as he was 100% sure the mare was going to deliver that evening...but he had said that for the entire week already so i left. My brother is a vet, he was just home in time from Argentina to help him with the delivery...had also already stayed home every evening but couldnt stay last night. I left at 11 pm and 45 minutes later he rings me completety exhausted that he is lying on the floor in the stable next to the mare and the filly...it was a tough one...as he had to pull the baby stallions legs while putting pressure with his foot on the mare every time she was pressing....
  • 21.04.08 ~ Saturday we had a dinner party for my cousin who graduated last year but the party only took place a year later.,it was nice.
  • 17.04.08 ~ Listening to Heroes del Silencio, love Maldito duende. My brother returned home from Argentina where he spent 4 months again working as a vet but also by now he'd make a good guide in Buenos Aires by night. He looks argentinian already and next time he goes i must look him up. I got a very touristy "argentina" cap, gracias hermano. All is good here, the national holiday "days" are coming up, April 30, May 1st, May 5th, May 12th and with my regular workweek of monday through thursday i ll have a lazy month coming up. Right after it's Kenya again, booked flight, i do think i m hooked somehow, not in denial anymore, not so sure if it's going to fade any time soon :) Pierrette thanks for the letter that i received today and the book recommendations, ordered Niq Mhlongo's After tears but not yet "the inner cirle". Out of all people though i cant believe its you that gets robbed in Windhoek...for the 2nd time
  • 11.04.08 ~ Time flies when there is so much work, this will stay on until mid september. Yesterday and today i had the feeling of springtime butterflies, i cant wait to wear summerclothes. As much as i love winter and my candles and the smell and warmth of the fireplace, its the spring & summer that bring me into bloom. I m sort of planning my next trip to Kenya leaving May 23rd. Hopefully there will be some nice "summer" nights before that. 
  • 05.04.08 ~ Had fun last night, just watched A mighty heart, true story about Danny Pearl, an American journalist in Karachi who gets kidnapped. Kind of edited like a documentary, i thought it was good
  • 03.04.08 ~ By coincidence I just had a mini gamedrive 22.30 pm and spotted two reeboks jumping in front of my car, I was talking on the phone and dropped it, it last too short as it was very dark.
  • 29.03.08 ~ had a good time yesterday with Pierrette in die Schweiz. Thank you for the extra copy of your "Forever Africa". Got stuck in traffic driving home right after Basel, 20 km took me 4 hours. Instead of a 6 hour drive it took me 10 hours thus next time a flight or train. Tonight we sleep an hour less as we move to summertime. I ate so much Kenyan & Swiss cheese today i need to go for a serious run tomorrow. I ran today in the mud but at least it was sunny. There were kite runners all over the place, interesting kites.
  • 16.03.08 ~ In the Masai Mara... www.serian.net few vehicles..few people...enjoying it. Expected 10 days to be long but reality is the contrary. Learning about the eco system & landscape, the conservation and improvements, all a lot more complicated as one would imagine. Went up the Ololoolo escarpement yesterday enjoying magnificent views...pretty good day. This morning watched a lioncub being eaten by two female lions, odd sighting. Good wine- good food- good company. Alex is enjoying herself. Adios mis amigos. pictures soon i hope
  • 13.03.08 ~ arrived in the Mara today after an eventful flight :)am at www.sarunicamp.com. Very quiet, the place to ourselves. Dont feel any apetite just like when i arrive in Nicaragua. Strange...