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Peter Buntman's picture
  • 01.01.07 ~ I have not written here since January and just saw my guestbook was completely spammed. Not sure if I have time to start keeping up my website again. Anyway. October was fantastic with the Masai Mara being the definate high. This was my 4th trip to Africa in 3 years and I have booked my 5th today! Back to the Mara, www.serian.net and so far it looks like I m going to be travelling alone. After Beijing I was not sure anymore if I would still want to go by my self but I felt so much at home at Serian it will be ok. In the meantime I m happy to go New York / Houston / Nicaragua / Costa-Rica within 2 weeks, travelling with mom, I actually can't wait to see my family and have some long nights drinking flor de cana with them. http://www.flordecana.com