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  • 19.02.06 ~ Marianne Timmer wins gold!
  • 14.02.06 ~ Valentine's day! We will go for dinner in Eindhoven to a restaurent called Avant-Garde www.avant-garde.nl, that apparently has an excellent cuisine.
  • 10.02.06 ~ Watched Munich at Utopolis in Turnhout, thought it was a great film.
  • 05.02.06 ~ Booked flight tickets for Palm Beach, leaving on march 1st return on the 5th.


  • 31.01.06 ~ Had a lovely time with Cristina in Madrid.
  • 29.01.06 ~ Arrived at the airport in Brussels to see my flight was cancelled due to heavy snow. Had to buy another ticket to still get to Madrid at a reasonable hour.
  • 28.01.06 ~ Going to madrid tomorrow to see my cousin.
  • 26.01.06 ~ Bert and I drove 1500 km today! Yes thats tyring but there was an important show, the www.swisslifecsi.ch.
  • 24.01.06 ~ Bloody cold outside, going to light to fireplace and watch Match Point.
  • 22.01.06 ~ Fun party last night at Frans & Paola's place.
  • 21.01.06 ~ Watching Memoirs of a geisha. Much more enjoyed the book than this movie.
  • 05.01.06 ~ Looking for a new job. Would like a job in the travel branch, organising the whole lot is what I am good at.
  • 01.01.06 ~ Happy New Year,  Próspero Año Nuevo, Gelukkig nieuwjaar. Gluckliches Neues Jahr, Bonne année