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Cockfight Jinotepe


  • 29.12.05 ~ Driving to Obergurgl today.
  • 25.12.05 ~ Merry Xmas everyone. Much fun and lots of wine last night!
  • 24.12.05 ~ Xmas dinner at home with fam. van Delft and fam. vd werken.
  • 13.12.05 ~ Time is up, after nearly 3 weeks of Nicaragua w'r going home. farewell party tonight at my grandmothers.
  • 10.12.05 ~ Some Nicaraguan food: Guirila, Tajada, Cuajada, Quesillo, Vigoron, Chicharon, Tamuga
  • 07.12.05 ~ La Griteria. At 6PM every December 7th, a common yell is heard in different cathedrals and churches: Quién causa tanta alegría? (Who causes so much happiness?). At that time, people start exploding fireworks and firecrackers it gets so noisy that any uninformed tourist might think that a war has started. Nicaraguans go to the streets to ‘shout’ to the virgin, which means visiting each altar and singing to the virgin Maria. This is basically how it its done: people hang around in groups, stop at an altar, sing traditional songs. In return house owners give fruits, candies, toys, natural drinks, and other type of gifts; finally, they move on to another altar. House owners who have placed altars wait until another group comes to sing. This is how ‘La Gritería’ is celebrated, lasting until the house owners have no more gifts to give away.
  • 06.12.05 ~ Saw a beautiful concert of Los Mejia Godoy www.mejiagodoy.org in the Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío, Luis enrique was singing with his uncles www.luisenriqueonline.com
  • 05.12.05 ~ Last night Victor and I went to the cockfights in Jinotepe. Victor owned few of the roosters in the fights and had been bragging about their superiority, He assured me that his birds could not lose and suggested that I get in on the action. I lost quite a bit of money!! Each cock wears a silver, razor sharp blade on one leg, about 1 to 2 cm in length. The blades come in different sizes and before each fight, after the bird is weighed and the knives attached, the referee checks to make sure they are of equal length. Then he sterilizes the blade so that poisons cannot be used. When the fight starts the crowd explodes, men shout  'Juepuuutah!' and get hysterical, their hands wildly waving up and down with córdobas and dollars
  • 04.12.05 ~ Happy Birthday Julia! I m going to a soccer match this afternoon in diriamba playing Diriangén versus Masatepe.
  • 02.12.05 ~ For anyone interested in the town of Masatepe where I live while i am in Nicaragua, www.masatepe.org go to Visita Masaetepe for pictures.


  • 30.11.05 ~ in San Juan del Sur in hotel www.piedrasyolas.com
  • 27.11.05 ~ My uncle Fernando invited us to the farm in Boaco, a 3 hour drive through the most beautiful nature you can imagine. I went horseriding this morning. We intended to get to Camoapa but the road was dreadfull and we had to return.
  • 25.11.05 ~ After some shopping at the Galleria we had lunch at Uptown sushi, we are heading to Houston airport now to go to Managua. 
  • 23.11.05 ~ Tomorrow (Thanksgiving day), at 13.25 my mother and I will fly from AMS to IAH via EWR and what I just read might be a real pain. "Weather set to cause Thanksgiving travel woes", Thanksgiving Day snow and rain is in the forecast for New York. Those conditions could cause major delays and even cancellations at major airport hubs. to imagine that New York is the biggest Thanksgiving event in the country. :( Anyway i hope we make it to Houston where we are booked in a hotel Theo recommended me called www.hotelderek.com
  • 16.11.05 ~ Dinner tonight in "De Heer Kocken" in Vught with Julia, Inge, Sjors and Paul.
  • 11.11.05 ~ www.equestrianmasters.com
  • 09.11.05 ~ Lunch in Brasschaat with Tanja.
  • 04.11.05 ~ It's Bert's birthday today and we will go for dinner to an Italian restaurant in Eindhoven, www.danello.nl.
  • 01.11.05 ~ A small selection of my Zambian pictures is now online under "Images".