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  • 31.08.05 ~ Beautiful day at the Beach in Knokke.
  • 27.08.05 ~ Were in Aachen yesterday to watch the Nation's Cup. Tonight we have a BBQ at Dorine's place.
  • 25.08.05 ~ Happy birthday Dorine!! Julia...that was an unplanned night out...pfffff!!
  • 19.08.05 ~ Making online photoalbums this weekend.
  • 12.08.05 ~ Theo! wishing you all the best to come in Calgary! And hopefully we will make it there in september so we can do a little celebration. Kisses to you.
  • 11.08.05 ~ www.csivalkenswaard.com with more rain to expect :(
  • 10.08.05 ~ Dear Liesbeth......happy birthday to youuuuu
  • 08.08.05 ~ If i ever want to get married it will be on 08.08.08, 8 is my lucky number....
  • 07.08.05 ~ I had the most fantastic trip to Dubai, thanks Julia for being great company....i simply loved it. Kisses and definately worth another adventure.
  • 05.08.05 ~ Ahhhhh.......it's hot here, it was 39 degrees when we arrived at midnight, just imagine what a killer during the day. I have been to the Emirates before with Bert to Abu Dhabi in 2000 but this is my first visit to Dubai and it rocks. We are having the best time, lots of fun, lots of cocktails. Today we ordered apple shisha. Our hotel is super cool. Going to the VU bar in the Emirates Tower now, later on to the skybar in the Burj al Arab. I have to say Dubai is quite something, it is difficult to imagine that there was a vast desert instead of today’s modern city just a short while ago. Science-fiction skyscrapers stand along the mosques. Really it's impressing. 
  • 02.08.05 ~ I m going to Dubai with Julia tomorrow :)) Flying KLM from Dusseldorf via Amsterdam, hotel we will at stay looks great, www.madinatjumeirah.com We are in the Dar al Masyaf Villas. I cannot wait.....
  • 01.08.05 ~ 3 weeks of showjumping in Valkenswaard, www.csivalkenswaard.com


Gala Party at CSI Valkenswaard


Edwina Alexander

Edwina won the GP!

foto: Wendy Scholten



  • 24.07.05 ~ Wish i was somewhere warm and exotic...with a Piña Colada and a good book. The weather here just doesnt seem to get any better.
  • 22.07.05 ~ Prague is a beautiful city. Easy to find your way around and lots of historical sites. I'd recommend one to go off-season though cos its packed with tourists now, almost unbearable.
  • 16.07.05 ~ Lies has just sent me one of her photo's, its down here. how do you like it? for more of her work please check www.liesmaculan.com
  • 14.07.05 ~ I have booked 2 flights to Prague, a special award offer by flysn.com that let's you fly for 10.000 miles instead of the usual 20.000. Anyway my miles would expire soon. I picked the Aria hotel www.ariahotel.net, we'll be staying for a very short time though...as usual.
  • 08.07.05 ~ Not a great day, crashed my car in a parking lot.
  • 05.07.05 ~ Happy birthday dear Hadewijch, have a nice day!
  • 01.07.05 ~ I like the lyrics of this song called "airport" by the Motors:

So many destination faces going to so many places
Where the weather is much better
And the food is so much cheaper.
Well I help her with her baggage for her baggage is so heavy
I hear the plane is ready by the gateway to take my love away.
And I can't believe that she really wants to leave me and it's getting me so,
It's getting me so.

Airport, you've got a smiling face,
you took the one I love so far away
Fly her away - fly her away - airport.
Airport, you've got a smiling face
You took my lady to another place
Fly her away - fly her away.

The plane is on the move,
And the traces of the love we had in places
Are turning in my mind - how I wish I'd been much stronger
For the wheels are turning faster as I hear the winds are blowing
and I know that she is leaving
On the jet plane way down the runaway.
And I can't believe that she really wants to leave me - and it's
getting me so, It's getting me so.

Shanghai streetlife

Picture Lies

website Lies: http://www.liesmaculan.com

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