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Mr. B. Pon & Mr. G. van Lennep


  • 27.06.05 ~ Nice bbq at my parents last night. On the picture I'm to be seen with two former Dutch F1 drivers.
  • 25.06.05 ~ Kevin's black & white party was great. 
  • 23.06.05 ~ The heat is on, will go to Knokke tomorrow.
  • 19.06.05 ~ Emma was here and we rushed from here to there so she could see as much as possible. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, 'S-Hertogenbosch and Knokke. The weather was fine, we had a very nice time.
  • 14.06.05 ~ I think Emma will come down this weekend, that'd be so nice.
  • 12.06.05 ~The weekend in Perros-Guirec was great!
  • 07.06.05 ~ We have a girls weekend out going to la Clarté, Perros-Guirec, and thats in Brittany a 1000 km drive from here. Dorine's parents live there and have set up a nice program for us: a local market, boatride, bbq's, laying by the pool and going to the beach.....Girls just wanna have fun!
  • 06.06.05 ~ Happy with my Ipod & Itrip, ordered this tacky Ipod holder from Juicy today in silver leather with a golden chain.
  • 05.06.05 ~ It was a very dissapointing Nations Cup for the Dutch on St. Gallen, they finished last.
  • 04.06.05 ~ A hot day in St. Gallen.

Bob, Eef en myself


  • 31.05.05 ~ I was in Antwerp today to see Lika.
  • 28.05.05 ~ Rome is just the most beautiful city in the world. Yesterday the Dutch finished equally 4th in the Samsung Super League. The British won after two double clears from Michael and Nick. Last night we had a dinner outside at the Piazza Navona, followed by a little party in the hotellobby, that was fun!
  • 23.05.05 ~ My dearest Emma...we are going to have a great time in Rome...and yes it will be hot. See you very soon, X.
  • 18.05.05 ~ Feliz cumpleanos Valerita...un besito para ti!
  • 17.05.05 ~ Afternoon in Antwerp.
  • 15.05.05 ~ Have been in Knokke with the Borstlapjes, and it was sooo nice.
  • 08.05.05 ~ My birthday, 29, happy birthday to myself.
  • 04.05.05 ~ Jerusalem was probably one of the most special places i have experienced. I learnt a lot from the guide, it was wonderful. Lika and I took a 6 a.m flight from Tel aviv to Eilat today to enjoy 2 days of sun and sand, It's 35 degrees here and not a single cloud.
  • 03.05.05 ~ Having the best time, had a beautiful dinner with all the girls at Raffael. Going to Jerusalem today
  • 02.05.05 ~ We will go to Cesaria and Zichon.
  • 01.05.05 ~ Arrived savely in Tel Aviv, a place so not what most people would expect, its totally hip and modern, clean and cool. I m in great hands....

Jerusalem with Lika

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