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Roses for my grandfathers grave


  • 29.04.05 ~ Tried to get a flight out to TLV already tomorrow, unfortunately its fully booked and i'll have to wait another day. Tomorrow is Queen's day in Holland and the whole country will be celebrating but me.
  • 26.04.05 ~ My mom's birthday party tonight.
  • 23.04.05 ~ My dad's birthday party tonight.
  • 19.04.05 ~ Going to pick up my new car yesssssss
  • 16.04.05 ~ Beertje's B-day party in France.
  • 14.04.05 ~ I have bought a new car today, i m very excited..:)
  • 09.04.05 ~ Back in Holanda, nice and sunny, going to empty my luggage and do the laundry.
  • 08.04.05 ~ Had another day of shopping, went to all the great department stores on fifth: Henry Bendel, Barneys, Saks. Couldnt resist on another visit to Yasuda, so i had a quick bite there just now. The toro handroll was yammie. My flight tonight leaves at 11.15 from JFK. Must rush now going to watch Sahara with Elena
  • 07.04.05 ~ Wow we had the best sushi last night, place is called Yasuda, www.sushiyasuda.com ordered omekase (chef's choice) and it was really outstanding. Elena will have to work so today i'll go shopping. I love walking in Manhattan, its so easy and the city is so full of life.
  • 05.04.05 ~ Time is up...leaving tomorrow at 04.30 a.m to the airport in Managua to catch my flight to NY via Houston.My cosuin Marta Ligia will join me for the ride. Have a little farewell tonight, wish i could have stayed longer though. Nicaragua is so full of grace. Gracias a todos. Saben que yo siempre os quiero mucho.  
  • 04.04.05 ~ Today i went to Masaya to buy a new mobile phone for Maria Fernanda cos i lost hers at the cybercafe, then we went to the mercado de artesania, many beautiful handicrafts. I m going to Paquita's house now who invited me for a farewell dinner.

Drieharingen Bridge Amsterdam
  • 30.03.05 ~ After 3 happy days in CR i'm driving back to Nicaragua today with Henry. Will pass by San Juan del Sur for a swim and perhaps see the newly built hotel called Morgans's Rock. Expect to be back in Masatepe in the late afternoon.
  • 27.03.05 ~ This morning I took an adventurous drive from Masatepe (Nic) to Playa el Coco (Costa-Rica), with a painful border crossing that eventually worked out much better than expectd it took me 4 hours, so I just got to my aunts house at the beach, and it´s so hot here almost unbearable, going to have in swim in the pacific with my cousin now. Tomorrow will be another fantastic day as we´ll go deep-sea fishing on my uncle´s boat, and they are experts..promising me Yellowtail, Marlin, Tuna for lunch at a secluded beach, cant wait.
  • 26.03.05 ~ Having a wonderful time with fam & friends, did so much since i arrived wednesday evening, I love being here. hopefully my brother & Co arrived savely in africa, wishing them luck climbing the Kilimanjaro
  • 23.03.05 ~ I m off to Nicaragua!!
  • 19.03.05 ~ I m in amsterdam at my cousins eating too much rubbish. Only 4 nights till i leave for Nicaragua..:)
  • 16.03.05 ~ Have been looking for a new car with my dad. My priority goes to the audi A3 2.0 Sportback.
  • 14.03.05 ~ My car kinda broke down, the gearbox is damaged and will cost me a lot to have it fixed.
  • 11.03.05 ~ Happy Birthday to my brother!! I just got back from France where i visited Beertje, it was so good to have some time together without boyfriend, husband...we had a wonderful evening, drank nice wine chatting the night away. Going to get ready now to go to Utrecht to my brothers birdthday party.
  • 08.03.05 ~ Anjali,a good old friend that i met in boarding school in Oxford back in 1992 is getting married in Kerala in december. Looks like we will be heading there...
  • 05.03.05 ~ replaced the bicycle pic by this romantic bridge, shot, framed and signed by Gilles. Going to get Chinese now at Mei Wah in Eindhoven, best Chinese in the area, will take it to my dad. Beer & Stefan will come there too for cheese and wine. Changed my mothers ticket, she is staying in Nicaragua for another week, lucky her.
  • 03.03.05 ~ Yes these are Dutch bicycles and fresh Dutch snow!! It hasn't snowed this much in 25 years, Gilles just sent me this photo that he shot in Amsterdam. Where as up north we have 50 cm, down here it wont be more than 20 cm, still it looks lovely. 
  • 02.03.05 ~ The tool is up, i like it but it could be a lot more detailed. Am meeting Dorine for lunch and some window-shopping in 's-Hertogenbosch this afternoon, followed with a dinner with Jesse. Called Continental's baggage services, happy to hear moms suitcase has arrived in Managua last night.
  • 01.03.05 ~ I have just found this new tool on the KLM website, it will be visible later today under TRAVEL. It's a personalized world map where you’ll instantly see how much of the globe one has trotted – and how much one has left to cover. My mother has arrived in Nicaragua, her luggage hasnt though...:(


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