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  • 28.02.05 ~ Saturday evening we had a lovely dinner party at Dorine & Taks' place, my compliments for their hospitality and lovely dinner. I promise next time it will be my treat! Sunday we did grill and raclette at my parents place, altogether I ate far too much this weekend. My mother has left to Nicaragua this morning, i was just checking her air-status at www.flightarrivals.com and she is expected to arrive in Houston in one hour and 9 minutes, then she has a 3 hour layover to connect to Managua. Will be tracing her till I'll go to bed :)
  • 26.02.05 ~ Hotel Rwanda is a stunning picture about the real life story of Paul Rusesabagina who sheltered over 1000 Tutsis in a hotel during the the genocide of the Hutus and the Tutsis in Kigali, Rwanda in 1994.
  • 25.02.05 ~ i want to see either Hotel Rwanda or Million Dollar Baby tonight.
  • 24.02.05 ~ On food. Look what i made today! A cheesecake which i've been wanting to make since a while now, I got the recipe from Gilles. It takes some time to get it prepared but then you got something...
  • 23.02.05 ~ Lighters and matches will soon be prohibited on flight to and from the U.S. The reason for the ban is concern that a terrorist could light explosives on an airplane. I remember last year leaving Udaipur on a domestic flight to Delhi they took away all the nice match boxes i had collected during that holidays. Then they said i could take the box but had to throw away the matchsticks, i got annoyed. Also entering the Taj Mahal, Lighters and matches were stricley forbidden and they checked thoroughly.
  • 22.02.05 ~ Have just booked a flight for my mother at www.continental.com, she will go to Nicaragua next monday for a week and except of my aunt Lorgia nobody is aware of her coming. My grandmother will be very surprised and happy. Wish I could see her reaction.
  • 21.02.05 ~ It is snowing!! And it seems to last.
  • 18.02.05 ~ Downloaded and watched both Meet the Fockers and Closer. Didnt like MtF, Closer rather depressing..
  • 14.02.05 ~ Happy Valentine's Day!
  • 10.02.05 ~ My october travel plans with Bert are put on hold. The itinerary is perfect though and all set, all i have to do is wire a 25 % deposit to confirm.
  • 07.02.05 ~ I Saw the Aviator last night it was long but great.
  • 01.02.05 ~ It's about time for another trip. I'm thinking of visiting my friend Lika in Tel Aviv, .

Snow in Amsterdam


  • 28.01.05 ~ Amsterdam world Cup qualifier, its better to forget...
  • 22.01.05 ~ We drove to Leipzig to see the world Cup qualifier, had a nice evening at the sportsbar in the Marriott, drank quite a few of too sweet Mojitos, every time i told them to make it less sweet it seemed they doubled the suger instead.
  • 15.01.05 ~ I m putting together a dreamy itinerary. It's very complicated but so much fun to do. An expert told me Im hitting all the right places in the country. I wish i could tell you my destination, however Bert wants it to be a surprise till the moment we get on the plane...
  • 01.01.05 ~ Happy waking up in the snow. Obergurgl is very pretty. :)