Wishful Destinations


Flor de Cana

Nicaragua: dec 2-15

No where on earth my heart feels better............

Group picture

Houston, TX: sept 30-6 oct

On sept 30th i flew bru-lgw-iah to visit Theo, it was my 1st flight on a "triple" 7 & enjoyable. Houston, the 4th largest city in the U.S & usually not considered a tourist destination is a business town mainly ruled by oil & gas companies. I had much fun thanks to Theo & Dena, we did a lot of sightseeing (incl. Galveston) & even went to San Marcus and San Antonio (320 km east). In San Marcus we went to the Prime outlets & in San Antonio had an italian dinner at the Riverwalk. Restaurants in Houston are plenty & food is fantastic. I was lucky to be taken to places where i had some delicious meals & drinks: Benjy's, EatZi's, Crapitto's, Azuma, La Strada, La Griglia.

Hotel Arts

Barcelona: sept 17-22



Donaueschingen: aug 20-24

The Donau Source is in Donaueschingen - Origin of the Second Longest River in Europe .

Dublin citycenter

Dublin: aug 6-10

Mural in memory of Bobby Sands, along the Falls Road

Northern Irl, Belfast: jul 23-27

I took a bus to the area of the Troubles in Belfast. Started down the Falls Road, which is mostly a Catholic community. The IRA is probably most active here. The first stop was the headquarters of Sinn Fein, which has a large wall mural with Bobby Sands painted on the side. (Bobby Sands was the 1st hunger striker to die in a hunger strike in 1981 to protest being treated like common criminals). Continued down the Falls Road and often stopped to view political murals. I ended up at Bombay Street and the Peace Line. Bombay Street was the scene of some of the worst violence. I went down Shankill Road, past more political murals, crossed the peace wall and went into the Protestant community. The peace wall was not quite as impressive as the Berlin Wall, but it is still one of the most ironical structure I have ever seen. It divides Belfast along between Protestant and Catholic communities. 


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Stephansdom roof

Vienna: july 10-13

Visited my friend Lies, went rafting on the river Enns that still had a high waterlevel. Rafting is cool, cant believe i didnt jump the bridge..... Sorry Lies i guess i m getting older :( . In Vienna we did the usual things, sneaked to the upper level from the Haas Haus to get a perfect view from the Stephansdom (see the photo) Wish I would see Lies more often, we share a perfect friendship.

showground Aachen

Aachen: june 18-22

st. gallen

St. Gallen: may 29-1 june


Ireland wins over Switzerland after a breathtaking jump-off. The Irish eyes were smiling in St. Gallen after they won the third leg of the Samsung Super League series and moved closer to the league leaders from France who. The Dutch ended up last.


Spaanse trappen

Rome: may 21-25


France wins again in Rome!

Did some sightseeing too.... St. peter cathedral in the Vatican. Trevi fountains, piazza di Spagna, and some more. Shopping was great.


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