Wishful Destinations


Freezing in Mockba

Moscow: Dec 18-23

Yes we try and really pretend we're not at all freezin'! Had a great time girls, Thank you! dosvidaniye!

Shanghai Bund

Beijing + Shanghai oct 15-27

King of the Jungle

Kenya: Sep 11 - 2 Oct

Nairobi - Mombasa - Kinondo - Masai Mara - Nairobi - Mombasa


So many destination faces going to so many places
Where the weather is much better
And the food is so much cheaper.
Well I help her with her baggage for her baggage is so heavy
I hear the plane is ready by the gateway to take my love away.
And I can't believe that she really wants to leave me and it's getting me so,
It's getting me so.

Airport, you've got a smiling face,
you took the one I love so far away
Fly her away - fly her away - airport.
Airport, you've got a smiling face
You took my lady to another place
Fly her away

The plane is on the move,
And the traces of the love we had in places
Are turning in my mind - how I wish I'd been much stronger
For the wheels are turning faster as I hear the winds are blowing
and I know that she is leaving
On the jet plane way down the runaway.
And I can't believe that she really wants to leave- and it's
getting me so!


King of the Jungle


Prague July 21-25


Kenya may 23 - 7 jun

Nairobi - Nanyuki - Laikipia - Samburu - Nakuru - Masai Mara - Nairobi

Kenya mar 12-22

After Nicaragua there has not been a place I feel so attached to, actually sad having to leave but the best goodbye, the perfect ribs - good wine and a lioness on the airstrip - being the only passenger on Safarilink back to Nairobi. Rain in Mara - plane's windscreen wipers full blast and tears running down my face, Yes its me Alejandra talking... somehow in love with the Mara, cant say Kenya cos i dont know the rest of the country yet except of 3 quick visits to Nairobi. This will change soon in May I will return and go explore Nairobi a bit more, to Laikipia,  Samburu and back to the Masai Mara. Altogether a bit over 2 weeks. Will post pictures here soon and on facebook, have been too busy to even take a proper look at them. This picture is taken at Serian camp. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baLilwDcjko


Palm beach + Nassau jan 17-25

This picture was a little mini Bacardi van in Nassau. I went to see Elena in Wellington (Palm Beach) who upon arrival had a pizza & wine party organised for me with the whole Argentinian Polo player gang...i was glad to be too tyred to even recognise these "handsome" guys...after all who wants a polo player?After 3 well spent days with Elena I flew to Nassau to attend Theo and Crystal's wedding. we had an all inclusive blast from the past, even though it rained a lot i m glad i went. Theo my dear; happy to see you happy.