Wishful Destinations


London Olympia

London: dec 17-19


Karnak Temple Luxor

Egypt: Oct 6-17

After a hectic season we had a fantastic holiday in Egypt. Itinerary: 1 day Cairo (pyramids & city) 4 days A&K nilecruise from Aswan to Luxor, 5 days Red Sea (Oberoi Sahl Haseesh)

Have seen a lot, a lot of stones, all the ancient sites, pretty impressive! Amazed with the Karnak temple in Luxor and obviously the Pyramids. The Nilecruise was great, met nice people and had a lot of fun. The last 5 days we were at the beach at the Red Sea, a magnificent resort where we were totally pampered. I dived, we snorkelled and enjoyed some lovely massages in the Spa.

French Super League victory

Barcelona: sep 17-19

France wins its second Samsung Super League and Italy is relegated. The Dutch didnt do well at all. Sadly enough as Barcelona was our last show with the team, Bert has quit his job as chef déquipe. I m sure i m going to miss the Nations Cup shows which were my favourite events. It's been a lot of fun.



Emma & I

Calgary: sep 8-11

I only knew i was going to Calgary very shortly before take-off. We got a last-minute invite for Spruce Meadows and it was for Emma that I decided to go myself. We spent most of the day being lazy in Meadow-View at the horseshow, as it was freezing. I had been to Calgary before when i did my visit to the Rockies so now apart from some quick shopping I was at the show. Ending up last in the Nations Cup we luckily are allowed to come back next year.


Olympic Stadium

Athens: aug 22-30



OlympicGames ......Athens......Markoupolo.......Horses.......

Orange......Hot......Porto Rafti......Beaches......Athletics......

Holland Heineken House.......Anky.......Kalua.......Flags.......

Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Shanghai: aug 17-22

4 Nights in Shanghai...Went to see my friend Lies that has settled in Shanghai for a while. It was my first visit to China, Shanghai has emerged as one of the world's great cities with great restaurants and hip nightlife, I was spoilt for choice and we went out every night, good partyplace. I had a massage everyday, it's so cheap there. In the daytime Lies showed me around the different neighborhoods, typical chinese ones and newer ones, parks, markets , the Bund and Pudong including the Jin Mao Tower (421 meter) with its spectacular views. I loved it all...Shanghai rocks...


Dublin: aug 4-7


Arko, Alex, Nick

Hickstead: jul 21-25

Hickstead was nice, we could & should have won though!! The weather was good so it was pleasant hanging around. The British won, good for them. Made little profit putting right bets.

CSIO Luzern

Luzern: jun 2-6

The Dutch did it again...! Besides the victory I didnt have much fun in Luzern this time, it was raining a lot and there are no places to hide at the showground. Therefor on saturday I went to see my friend Pierrette in Basel. We stayed up drinking a terrific bottle of Rothschild in her garden until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. The next morning we got up early and went on a trail ride in the mountains on her horses. Thanks Pierrette for a wonderful time!

San Pietro

Rome: may 26-31

Rome is one of my favourite places in Europe, it is like an open air museum, especially wandering around the citycenter by night is very beautiful.  Not many places can beat shopping in the Via Condotti (Piazza di Spagna) area, I always buy new things in Rome :) Holland won the Nations Cup, it actually was the first-ever Dutch Nation's Cup victory at Piazza di Siena!



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