Q. Wat is your full name?

Maria-Alejandra van Delft Zambrana. My father is Dutch and my mother is from Nicaragua. A good mix isnt it?


Q. When is your birthday?

8 may 1975, I am proud to be a Taurus ascendant scorpion


Q. Where did you go to school?

I spent primary school in Moergestel, NL and went to High school in Tilburg, NL (Theresia lyceum). I  was in boarding school in Oxford, UK at St. Clare's and spent 4 months in a boarding school in Madrid, Spain. I studied International Business Administration at the European University in Antwerp where I graduated in july 1998.


Q. Do you have sibblings?

I have 1 younger brother, he is a equine vet


Q. When did you start madelza.nl?

around the end of april 2003


Q. What camera do you use to take your pics?

Canon EOS 40D

Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-30

All sorts of point & shoot small cameras, preferably Canon


Q. What are your favourites?

hobbies? Travelling, horses, fashion, scuba diving, food
movies? Once upon a time in America, Gone with the wind, Mambo Kings, Lost in Translation, Million Dollar Baby, Wooden camera

books? Stolen lives, Always running, Life of Pi, Mukiwa, books on Africa

food? monkfish, jamon pata negra, Eggplant. toro, mayonaise, butter

drinks? Mojito, Cuba-libre, Watermelon Martini

sports? Skiing, horseriding

magazine? National Geographic, Islands, Travel magazines, Africa Geographic

games? Back gammon, Baccarat, Black Jack

music? Latin music

TV programs? Documentaries, sportprograms

destinations? Nicaragua, Exuma's, Obergurgl, Udaipur, Zambia, Kenya

Cities? Rome, New York, Paris, Tokyo

Jeans? True Religion, Citizen of Humanity, Seven, Rock & Republic


Q: What are your favourite quotes?

1. You're not going to fall in love are you? No, not with someone who's always leaving.

2. Is this your idea of revenge? No. It's just the way I see things.

Q: why does your site look jacked?
upgrade your browser, for crying out loud.